Financial Independence: Why The Focus Isn't On The Money

Focusing On The Money Would Backfire

Day Three

Starting out on my Financial Independence journey has been fun, exhilarating even, especially with my new blog that is making my experience as public as it can be. I feel alive, it’s great! I can clearly see what I need to do to get where I want to be. That doesn’t mean I have the plan, or path, completely figured out.

I’m still on the step of killing bad habits, and I’ll be here for a while.

Financial Independence & Self-Improvement Go Hand In Hand

Really, the very first phase of my FI journey is looking a whole lot like self-improvement. That’s totally fine by me. I believe there’s a saying that goes, “In order to love someone else, you must love yourself first.” I think that works here.

I think a safe bet would be that before you can work towards financial independence, and truly embrace it, you need to address yourself first. Your behaviors, why you want to live FI, your determination & motivation, etc. You might already be there. I am not. I’m not close and I still know it’s going to be a long and amazing ride.

I have followed financial independence for quite some time. I’ve also seen more get rich bloggers, fly-by-nighters trying to capitalize on the hopes and ambitions of others. It’s a total turn off to me.

If I just looked at the money I’d lose interest quickly.

At least from my perspective, the money isn’t what I’m in this for. It’s not even a secondary goal of mine.

I look at FI as a long journey that has a predictable outcome based on the efforts put forth. The most compelling aspect of embracing FI to me is the opportunity to improve myself in virtually every piece of my life. To be truly successful in gaining FI it’s important to have no bad debt. I’d say it’s important to have good health, good attitude, and good character. To enjoy FI I’d like to think that it’s important to enjoy yourself or love yourself so to speak.

What’s the point in getting to FI if you don’t have your health? What’s the point if you aren’t happy? So you can be financially secure but miserable? No thank you!

Obviously, if we want to get FI we have to focus on money. To know it closely. To understand what it really is and represents. In a sense, to fully embrace it.

Money won’t solve problems that would interfere with achieving and enjoying financial independence.

Money won’t solve problems that would interfere with achieving and enjoying financial independence.


Money Is Just a Tool

But money won’t really solve anything. It won’t magically make our lives better. It won’t find you that one real, true love. It won’t enrich your soul. It won’t pick you up when you’re down. It won’t heal any broken pieces of you. It won’t follow you beyond the grave.

Money is just a tool to help us achieve security. I know I’d burn out if I simply focused on the dollar signs as I reach towards FI. I want all the benefits that come with the journey because in order to cross that finish line I’ll have to become so much better in so many ways.