Health Before Financial Independence

Health Plays a Key Role in the Quest for Financial Independence

Day 8

It’s no secret that neglecting my physical, spiritual and mental health were contributing factors in how I got into the financial mess I’ve put on display for you. I think it’s fair to say that if I don’t address all three areas early in my quest for financial independence that I won't stand a chance at reaching my goal.

I strongly recommend, that if your new to the drive towards FI, that you take a moment to reflect on your health. It’s fine to analyze yourself and can go a long way to helping you understand your motivations, what makes you tick, and to identify areas that you feel you can improve upon to improve your chances of success.

Physical Health & FI

I always wondered why I disliked the word diet…I think I’ll stick to making healthier choices!

I always wondered why I disliked the word diet…I think I’ll stick to making healthier choices!

I am fasting right now. You might be thinking that this guy is going to burn out, going all in on his blog, and now he’s fasting? Crazy! I guess you could be right, but this isn’t an ordinary goal life goal. It will take an exceptional amount of effort to get where I want to be, in the time frame I want to achieve it in. As of writing this, I’m 5’ 10” and 230 pounds. That puts my body mass index at 34. Here’s the summary I received from after entering my information:

If your BMI is above 30: Your BMI is considered obese. People with obesity are at increased risk for many diseases and health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure (Hypertension), Type 2 diabetes, breathing problems and more. Consult with your healthcare provider and consider making lifestyle changes through healthy eating and fitness to improve your overall health and quality of life.

The poorer an individual's physical health is the higher the chances of encountering medical conditions. The more medical conditions you encounter, the likelihood of finding yourself in a compromised position financially. I can’t afford to not address my weight and lack of physical activity. To top it off, about a year ago I started smoking cigarettes again. While I’ve recently quit, I’d like to regain my physical health and put as much distance, in a healthy state, as possible from smoking. With taking a week off of work next week, I’d selected today to begin a liquid fast. Still had some coffee, with a couple cups of vegetable juice for nutrients. I’ll fast tomorrow as well, then start off Monday with a much more healthy regimen of meal choices.

Mental Health & FI

Another contributing factor to my current financial disposition would be the state of my mind. Obviously, I’ve had issues with compulsive spending, negative self-worth and an overall melancholy regarding how the future pans out. I’m not a mental health expert, but I have to consider the impact, both now and long term, of not addressing my behaviors. Otherwise, I run the very real risk of backsliding into habits that have devastated my family’s bottom line and quality of life. I don’t have the solution, at least yet, and with a wide range of mental health issues, it’s possible what works for me, isn’t right for you. One thing that I’m certain of, is that there is nothing wrong with seeking counseling, or a confidant to share your thoughts and areas of concern with. I’m doing what I feel is needed to improve my mental health. Part of that is having this blog as an outlet, another part is researching and learning all I can. Addressing my physical health should help. I’m not alone, and neither are you. There are countless resources available online, or in person. If you’re like me and have delayed addressing this area due to the stigma attached to mental health, you just might find a key that helps you unlock the greatness and potential you have within.

Spiritual Health & FI

I can’t speak much to how spiritual health will affect my journey to financial independence. I have denied myself even the thought about what it means to live in a spiritual manner. I have general notions on what spirituality means, or what role our soul’s play in our lives. I simply haven’t addressed this for years. I have a strong feeling within that tells me I need to learn about how to feed my soul and nourish it with purpose and direction. As I collectively address the areas discussed above, I’ll continue to soul search. I suppose that is the crux of it for me, at this point in my life. I need to allow myself to look inside and learn who I truly am and what I represent. I’ve blindly shut off that line of thinking for years. Now that I’m aware, my hope is I’ll let myself in. To be completely honest, I’m not there yet. I know that may sound strange, how can you not allow yourself into your own mind? You are your own mind! It’s just how it is for me right now.

We’re In The Journey to Financial Independence Together

I must reiterate, I’m not an expert. I have life experience in finance and have studied physical and mental health to a large degree. I’ve never utilized what I’ve learned or applied these principals to myself in any meaningful way. If you’re in a similar situation with your finances and your health and you desire financial freedom and independence, well, I invite you to join along as we press through the areas that have held us back. Your journey and path will be different from mine, but working together, we can overcome.

Thank you for listening.

It’s Time to FI!