My First Month of Blogging in Review

Month One of Time to FI is in the Books

Time to FI has made it one full month and I couldn’t be happier!

The month has had some ups and downs, both personally and financially, but I am proud to report that I have cut out some bad debt and have been more engaged in my own personal finance journey than ever before. I’ve met some amazing Financial Independence bloggers and supporters that are each on various stages of their own journey.

Each month I’ll post an update to where I’m at. I’ll give a review on how I’m progressing on paying off my debt, as well as how the TimeToFI blog is doing. I hope to show a direct correlation between effort and output in terms of site data and engagement that hopefully shows growth. Not only am I writing and managing the Time to FI blog for myself, but I sincerely hope it has a positive impact helping improve the finances of individuals that visit and interact with the site.

Speaking of interacting with the site, I want to humbly apologize to anyone who I replied late to their comments on various blog posts. I’m still new to blogging and am figuring out the notification system! No excuses going forward!

Just starting and committing to Time to FI has me feeling all victorious!

Just starting and committing to Time to FI has me feeling all victorious!

Month One by the Numbers:

  • 13 Blog Posts Added

  • 12,849 Words & 69,971 Characters Written

  • 298 Twitter Followers

  • 25,800 Tweet Impressions

  • 675 Profile Visits

  • 169 Mentions

  • 507 Unique Website Visitors

  • 1,120 Page Views

  • 14 Blog Post Comments

  • $230.62 Less Debt

All in all I’m proud of February. I had paid off medical debt in full that wasn’t included in my balance tracker. I’ll have even more to apply to payments in March. I also got a small raise last week so every little bit helps. I’m much more mindful of my spending as well.

The bottom line is I’m having a great time having a voice of my own!

If you’re on the fence about blogging, I recommend giving it a shot. You might find that it’s just the ticket you need to provide yourself motivation to accomplish the goals that are important to you.

I view this process as a long one and I invite you to follow along! The way I currently see it is I have essentially three phases to complete.

First, I must control and extinguish my debt as quickly as possible.

Second, I must save and build an investment portfolio for retirement purposes.

Third, I must secure enough funds to more than comfortably retire with. While I am ambitious and desire early retirement, it isn’t a current goal or focus. I need to get well into phase two before I decide to make FIRE a goal.

The reality is I haven’t made a real dent in my financial independence ambitions yet. Realistically, I’ve added a drop of water to the bucket that carries my goals. That is totally fine with me! It sure as heck beats where I’ve been and gives me confidence moving forward.

Thank you all for your support! I hope you find Time To FI beneficial! Good luck on your journey!


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