Time to Fly, FI Style

My Journey to FI has Officially Begun!

Day One

There is no turning back now!


Wait, you mean I actually have to do something?

Okay, well nuts. I’m still in my pajamas, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon on a dreary Saturday. What could I possibly do right now to help me attain financial independence?

We have liftoff!

We have liftoff!


I have a mountain of debt. I have little money. No windfall in sight. No easy path. Just a huge mess left to fix. Nothing accomplished.

But, something started. Something committed to. Something tangible to grasp on to.

Today, I started Time to FI. Today, I chose to commit to a radical change to what has been a lifestyle full of poor choices, both in terms of how I manage my health and my finances. I don’t want the stress of debt. I don’t want to worry about whether I can keep up with my kids as they out-hustle me in virtually every physical activity we do.

There’s a time to hand over the reins, cash in the chips so to speak, and call it a day. Now is not that time. I’m far from having it be that time. I’ve got work to do. Years to make up for and that one precious resource that we all want more of, time, is getting less on my side every second.

I’m not here to preach. I’m here for two things. One, to feed off of your inspiration and wisdom, only a fool thinks he can truly go at it alone. Two, to inspire you to get in motion, begin the process of change, and reap the rewards. Maybe FI isn’t the catalyst you need? Maybe you just need to see another fellow human being claw their way from nothingness to know that if they can do it you can too.

I’m not starting this blog at the end of the journey. It’s not in the middle. It’s right there at it’s time to do or die, there is no more time left. I’ve simply waited too damn long to take action, I can’t afford to sit idle and not get off of my ass and do it. Maybe you’re in a similar spot? If your still young, use this as motivation. You don’t want to be that guy who waited so long that he had to give it every ounce of effort he possibly could to make it happen.

I know I can climb this mountain. I’m honored that your listening, and by listening, you're part of my journey. For that, I am eternally grateful!

For the rest of the day, I’ll be plotting out my next courses of action. Determining how big this chasm really is by reviewing my debt in great detail. Things that I haven’t looked at for years will be examined such as interest rates, balances, where I actually spend my money, etc.

The journey might feel slow at times but it will be well worth it!

The journey might feel slow at times but it will be well worth it!

At times this might feel like a slow-motion journey. I expect that and am cognizant enough to know that change doesn’t happen overnight. I hope we can survive this together and live to be the examples that inspire scores of individuals to buck the system and live the best lives they possibly can.

I’ll post those figures for you to see. As I make progress you’ll see it. When I screw up you’ll see it. If you’re like me, half of what you want yourself to be, then climb aboard, commit to positive change, and let’s do this together!

Finally, as far as frequency. For blog posts, expect at least three a week. Anything less than that and I’m letting myself down, which I have no intention of doing. The wonderful thing about blogging is that it is another means in which we can hold ourselves accountable with. If you’ve always thought about blogging for a purpose, maybe now’s the time. If you do decide to blog your dreams and aspirations and your own personal journey, please let me know!

It’s Time to Fly!