Weekly Wrap Up - January 27th 2019

Recap Of My First Week Towards FI

Day 9

The first week of Time to FI up and running has been amazing! I’ve had a lot of writing, planning and putting it all together to do this week and I feel that I accomplished more than I had set out to do, especially with the ideas just rolling in.

In terms of the site, things really got humming at the end of the week. I made it easier for readers to get in touch with me, enhanced the financial independence resource section and made some moderate styling changes across the website.

I also did plenty of back-end work such as getting the site listed in various places, etc. I have a ton of room to go in that regard, but for the first week, I’m feeling pretty chuffed!

While Time to FI is about my path, I genuinely hope it will inspire others, perhaps in similar situations as my own, to get the ball rolling on their own journeys. I’d love to create a resource that would allow like-minded individuals the opportunity to communicate with each other and feed off of each-others encouragement. Maybe, as the site grows, we’ll put together a forum for people to keep the conversation going in, but for the time being, I welcome you to engage in the comments section of the blog posts.

Any Closer to FI?

Well, I have more than $1.48 in my account. When I started this site I literally had almost nothing in my checking account and nothing accessible in my savings. So, this week is a ‘somethings better than nothing’ kind of week.

All my bills are paid and I was able to put $20 into my savings account. I also paid extra to each of my credit cards which is another positive. I canceled several streaming accounts in order to free up money to put towards my debt so that’s another nice accomplishment for the week.

This first week has been incredibly enlightening and dare I say…fun?!?

This first week has been incredibly enlightening and dare I say…fun?!?

The decision was made to sell my sports cards and memorabilia. I think, when all is said and done, that I should net close to $2,000. That will help me pay about two credit cards in full. Completely stoked to get those first few knocked out.

How I’m Feeling Right Now

I started a fasting cycle this week and I’m already feeling sharper, lighter and more energetic. This site will cover all of the aspects that I believe help make the path to financial independence clearer and more fruitful.

I’ve fasted before but this will be the first time I’ve done it in a cycle. Should be pretty interesting. With having next week off I plan a return to the treadmill, or as I affectionately refer to it as, the dreadmill!

What Will We Be Talking About?

Next weeks topics covered will range from health, including mental, physical, and spiritual. We’ll also discuss strategies to repay debt, specifically bad debt such as credit cards, predatory loans like payday or title loans, collections and more. Savings and spending strategies will be discussed, though it’ll be a while before any investment topics are reviewed because quite frankly, I need to knock out my bad debt first. I don’t personally believe, aside from contributing towards an emergency fund, that it makes sense to invest while in such arrears with unsecured debt. It’s my opinion that the longer you remain in a financially vulnerable position the more likely something potentially catastrophic is to occur.

Who’s Visiting This Week?

Each week I’ll share the numbers as far as how the website is progressing with visitors. It’s just a fun way to keep up with the statistics, though I must admit, I have no illusions of any type of overnight success. Financial independence, or the quest for it, has become a big business and there are some heavy hitters that own the space.

Site live date: January 19th, 2019

As of writing this post we’ve had 96 unique visitors, 123 total visits and 404 page views. Most of the traffic has come from the United States, however, we did have some visitors from across the globe, including India, Ireland, United Kingdom and one visitor from the Republic of Lithuania.

Well, that makes this week a wrap! Thanks for reading and following along. I hope you have a wonderful week!

It’s Time to FI