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Some are newer, some have been around from the beginning. One thing that is certain is that I enjoy the unique perspectives & experiences that each of these FI contributors bring to the table. Take the time to visit their websites and learn what has worked for them, or what unique challenges they’ve faced during their quests for financial independence.

Rockstar Finance (They have the directory of all directories! Check them out!)


Twelve Books To Read On Your Path To Financial Independence

Perhaps your new and just starting your journey to FI or maybe you’ve been at it for awhile, either way the great news is there are plenty of excellent books out there to help guide you.

The wonderful thing about the FI community is that there is no shortage of experts with various perspectives that you can learn from and choose what applies best for you and your specific goals.


Currently Reading: Financial Freedom - A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need by Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennial Money


Personal Finance and Financial Independence Podcast You Should Be Listening Along With

These podcasts, all unique in their own way, offer plenty of personal finance and financial independence news, interviews, trends, entertainment and analysis to keep you listening for hours on end.

 Time To FI Series

Sometimes we need motivation, inspiration or simply information, to begin improving or progress towards financial independence. In the Time To FI series, we examine a wide array of topics to help you reach your goals.

Time to FIght

Time to FIgure It Out

Time to FIle Your Taxes

Time to FInish What You Started

Time to FIt It In

Time To FInd Yourself

Time To FInd Your Motivation

Time To FIx Your Relationships

Time to FIre Your Boss

Time to FIll Your Savings